Keeda jadi (cordyceps militaris)


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It is non-GMOs with no irradiation, no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colours and no gluten. It provides the surety of purity and no additional components.

1.Rich in taste
2.High quality
3.Completely Vegetarian
4.No harmful chemicals



Keeda jadi contains cordyceps militaris, which is a spice that is used for a significant long an ideal opportunity for its reviving experts that helps in extending perseverance, offsetting immunity and making human body’s self-protection strenghten. Cordyceps  improves oxygen take-up and movement to fabricate centrality and constancy. Keeda jadi  is a Mushrooms contain fluctuating degrees of protein, fiber, supplements, malignancy anticipation specialists, beta-glucans and prebiotics which helps with supporting the safe framework and prevent mischief to cells and tissues.

Colour:Saffron Brown

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